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Working Hard on the 2nd Edition of Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer

We've been compiling more info for the 2nd edition of Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer, and I'll tell you this - it's going to be "smokin' hot"! I'm predicting between 500-600 pages, full color, professionally designed, and chock full of big, big bucks. It's really going to be a stunner. If you have some old hunting photos you'd like to submit or a lead on a big buck, give us a shout at idahohunting@hotmail.com.

New Book is Done!

We have just completed the third book in our series! This book, titled Idaho's Greatest Whitetails, is a 352-page, full-color book that details many of the most amazing whitetails trophies taken in Idaho. We'll have teh book back from the printer in about three weeks, so stay tuned for more info!

Our Website is Done

Well, after much time and effort, and some wonderful work on the part of Josh Coggins of J3 Art Solutions, our website is done (for now). Please take a good look around and give me some feedback. I hope you like what you see so far. Our store will not be up and running for awhile (closer to when our next book comes out) so if you need a book or a print, please contact us directly, or stop in and see one of our vendors. I hope everyone is enjoying their fall!

Getting with the Times, and Staying on Track

July 29, 2009. We are in the process of doing a major overhaul on our website as well as establishing a nice Facebook page. Take some time to look these pages over and I think you'll get a good feel for what it is that Idaho's Greatest Big Game is all about. Preserving and sharing Idaho's hunting history and heritage is our mission, and who knows, maybe by the time we're done, Idaho will have the best recorded hunting history of any state. You can help by contacting us with leads, sending us old-time photos, and helping gather material.

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