Idaho's Greatest Elk

Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy tagging along on some of the most outstanding hunts to ever take place in Idaho. Idaho’s Greatest Elk will take you on a journey you’ll never forget, and one you’ll want to relive for years to come. This is the second book in a series of what is becoming one of the most collectible hunting book series in the West. Chronicling all of the history of Idaho’s big game hunting, the Idaho’s Greatest Big Game collection will eventually capture all of the history behind the best days afield in the Gem State. Idaho’s Greatest Mule Deer, the first book in the series, continues to be a must-read book for all hunters interested in this state’s hunting heritage. Now Idaho’s Greatest Elk continues the tradition, preserving in photos and stories the history behind the state’s biggest, best, and most interesting elk. This book finally allows the reader to see all of these great bulls together in one place. Included within these pages are:

  • Well over 400 photos of Idaho’s biggest bulls
  • Short stories and history on nearly every trophy
  • A 25-page section of old-time Idaho elk hunting photos
  • Historical and educational chapters, including Rise and Fall of the Clearwater Elk Herd, Swan Valley Elk Patrol, By Truck and Rail: Idaho’s Elk Reintroduction Efforts, The Future of Elk in Idaho, A Brief Synopsis of Big Elk in Idaho, Adventure and Tragedy: The Carlin Hunting Party of 1893, and more
  • Special Idaho Department of Fish & Game guest chapter on elk management in Idaho
  • Records book listings, locations, and measurements of Idaho’s typical and non-typical elk
  • Evolution and life cycle of elk
  • Written by a native Idahoan with a lifetime of Idaho hunting experience
  • Included is a special 8-page color section featuring Leon Parson’s most outstanding elk paintings, as well as dozens of Leon’s drawings that became the prototypes for his incredible work. Leon Parson is likely the most sought after western wildlife artist on the market, and the chance to have all of these great works in one collection is a can’t miss opportunity.

Join us in a tribute to some of the most awe-inspiring bull elk to ever have existed in the state of Idaho. This book has them all, from as early as 1893 to as late as 2005. This book finally gives sportsmen a chance to pay their respects to these magnificent creatures that all hunters dream about.


Photo info (top to bottom): 1) Roger Johnson poses with his giant Shoshone County bull from 1980. 2) Ben Howland hefts his historic Idaho trophy bull taken in 1929. 3) Junior Bitton and Rex Bassett pose with their 368 B&C bull, taken in Caribou County in 1956. 4) Fred Scott’s 403-7/8 B&C bull, taken in Shoshone County in 1964, is one of the most recognizable bulls ever taken, and remains one of Idaho's largest. 5) Kevin Callaway’s tremendous freak bull, taken in southern Idaho in 1997.