Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer

Take a trip into hunting heaven with Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer. This picture and history-packed book is the definitive book on the biggest and best mule deer bucks to ever roam the state of Idaho. With over 450 photos and short stories, this book allows hunters to finally see the best mule deer trophies ever produced in one of the West's top mule deer states, and read about those amazing encounters. Included are:

  • Over 450 photos of Idaho's all-time biggest mule deer bucks.
  • Short stories on nearly every trophy.
  • Sections on Boone & Crockett non-typicals, Boone & Crockett Typicals, and Fish & Game record book animals.
  • A special section including unofficial record book animals, as well as other huge bucks.
  • A section showing present and past big buck areas, as well as an analysis of present and past conditions and management.
  • Detailed county by county maps showing trends in mule deer trophy areas.
  • Filled with old-time Idaho deer hunting photos from as early as the the early 1900s.
  • A section on mule deer evolution and life cycle.
  • A discussion on herd health vs. hunter opportunity.
  • Written by a native Idahoan with a lifetime of Idaho hunting experience.

Join us in our tribute to the best of the awe-inspiring bucks that have called Idaho home. This book finally puts them in one collection and helps to preserve this important history and legacy.


Photo info (top to bottom): 1) Boyd Dennis took this tremendous 211-7/8 B&C typical in Adams County in 1970. 2) Ed Martin’s unbelievable 279-5/8 B&C trophy from 1966 is one of the most breathtaking deer ever taken in Idaho. 3) Kirk Payne’s 212-6/8 B&C typical Gem County buck, taken in 1967, is tied for 2nd-largest in Idaho history. 4) This photo, of Robert Young and his 263-1/8 B&C Blaine County giant, is a true classic.