How to Submit a Story

If your story is in digital format, you can email it directly to Digital photos and high quality scans of older photos can be sent this way. For stories, if they are Word documents, they can be attached and emailed. If they are another format, it would probably be best to simply cut and paste the text into the body of the email and send it that way.

For hardcopy photos (originals or reprints - try to avoid photocopies), please send directly to us at IGBG, Box 2, Council, ID 83612. We can scan them for you and return photos, if necessary.

Please try to include as much information as humanly possible when submitting material. If you are writing a story, detailed info is critical for preserving history and leaving us enough info to put together a story. It would be a good idea to include the following:

  • Names of people on the hunt
  • Descriptions of terrain, weather, and vegetation
  • What type of weapon, how far the shot was, and where the animal was hit
  • Kind of vehicle driven
  • Camp or hunting from home
  • Pack out
  • Thoughts about the hunt or more introspective comments about how you felt
  • Other background info about the hunter (career, hunting experience, etc.)
  • Other things that happened on the hunt
  • History of hunting that area
  • What happened leading up to the shot

If you have any further question, you can call Ryan at 208-741-0556.