Why Submit a Story

It's not uncommon for some hunters to be fairly modest about their accomplishments and/or luck. That's fine, but when a hunter is fortunate enough to have taken an exceptional animal that is part of a greater and more important history, it is our hope that they will understand how important it is to take steps to get the details and photos recorded for all those who care about hunting in Idaho and the legacy that is created by decades of toil and the tremendous trophies taken over time.

Every day that slips by is another chance for an important story to be lost. The fact is that it only takes a few minutes to save history, but once it's gone, it's gone forever. If you took an outstanding trophy big game animal in Idaho, or know someone who did, please get in touch with us and help us to get it preserved for all future generations of Idaho hunters.

Our goal is that by the time our series is completed, Idaho will have the best recorded hunting history of any area in the world. Please help by doing your part to pass along information. Names, phone numbers, photos, and any other leads are much appreciated.