Idaho Royalty

This fantastic drawing, titled “Idaho Royalty”, was commissioned by Idaho’s Greatest Big Game and drawn by nationally renowned artist Dallen Lambson of Pocatello. Dallen is the son of Hayden Lambson, one of the West’s finest artists. Now, Dallen has come into his own as a premier artist of western big game.

This fine 16×20 work pays tribute to four of Idaho’s greatest elk, allowing them to be together in their finest form. Featured are Idaho’s top three non-typicals, as well as the state record typical. It is limited to 25 signed and numbered Artist Proofs ($80 each) and 225 signed and numbered Limited Prints ($50 each).

This is the first piece of a limited series. Prints featuring Idaho’s greatest whitetails, mule deer, and trophy game will be released as their accompanying books become available. We will reserve rights for customers wishing to collect identical numbers throughout the series.

This is your chance to own a very special collectible series commemorating the best big game trophies to have ever come from the beautiful state of Idaho.