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Idaho’s Greatest Mule Deer, 2nd Edition


If you’ve ever climbed a mountain and wondered what the biggest buck looked like that ever roamed it, or you’ve dreamed of finding a giant mule deer of your own, this is the book for you. Well over 20 years of research on 100-plus years of incredible Idaho hunting history has yielded an enormous treasure that anyone who hunts mule deer will enjoy.

Idaho’s Greatest Whitetails


This book follows Idaho’s Greatest Mule Deer and Idaho’s Greatest Elk as the third book in an ongoing series that will eventually capture a significant amount of Idaho’s big game hunting history. Written by an Idaho native with 30 years of Idaho hunting experience, Idaho’s Greatest Whitetails is the definitive book on Idaho whitetail hunting history and heritage. Join us in this special tribute to the ghosts of the Idaho forest. It’s a book sure to occupy a special place on your mantle for many years to come.

Idaho’s Greatest Elk


Pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy tagging along on some of the most outstanding hunts to ever take place in Idaho. Idaho’s Greatest Elk will take you on a journey you’ll never forget, and one you’ll want to relive for years to come. Join us in a tribute to some of the most awe-inspiring bull elk to ever have existed in the state of Idaho. This book has them all, from as early as 1893 to as late as 2005. This book finally gives sportsmen a chance to pay their respects to these magnificent creatures that all hunters dream about.

Idaho’s Greatest Mule Deer, 1st Edition


Take a trip into hunting heaven with Idaho’s Greatest Mule Deer. This picture and history-packed book is the definitive book on the biggest and best mule deer bucks to ever roam the state of Idaho. With over 450 photos and short stories, this book allows hunters to finally see the best mule deer trophies ever produced in one of the West’s top mule deer states, and read about those amazing encounters. Join us in our tribute to the best of the awe-inspiring bucks that have called Idaho home. This book finally puts them in one collection and helps to preserve this important history and legacy.