Upcoming Projects

Continuing the Idaho’s Greatest Big Game Series

Several projects are in the works for the near future that will help to continue the ongoing series. Idaho’s Greatest Whitetails was just released in 2010. Idaho’s Greatest Mule Deer, 2nd Edition, will follow. Finally, Idaho’s Greatest Trophy Game, which will chronicle all the top-ranking sheep, moose, mountain goat, and pronghorn and all the historical aspects of hunting those species, will be next. If you have old-time Idaho hunting photos, memorabilia, or leads on stories, the time is now to contact us.

Hazel Bond's giant non-typical, scoring 226-3/8, is one of the largest ever taken in Idaho.Jack Snider took this awesome 196-6/8 double droptine non-typical in 2004. It is his second B&C qualifying buck.

This ram, scoring 193 and among Idaho's largest, hangs at the Fish and Game Headquarters in Boise.Dan McGee poses with his trophy billy, taken in 1922, while on a hunt with the author's great-grandfather Lewis Daniels.

Other Projects

We are open to consideration on other historical hunting books about Idaho and possibly other areas. There are also plans to write a historical book on a popular old western Idaho figure by the name of Deb Shaw.

Other Works

If you have ideas you’d like to bring to us in regard to publishing other material, please contact us using the “Contact Us” button at the top of the website.